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We are a family of 3 who took a break from our routine. Usually we live in Scotland but February to the end of July 2011 we were on the road in North America for 6 months. We are Mark (also known as Dad), Rachel (also known as Mum... and a whole bunch of other names... my usual at-home blog is here) and little h (10/11 years of age during the trip).

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Husky adventures

Some of you will know how much our h loves dogs... so what better winter activity for her than a dog sledding trip in the snow? We were up near Haliburton in Ontario for a long weekend with cousins and they recommended the Winterdance dog sledding place up there so off we went on Friday morning to meet Siberian huskies, the odd Alaskan husky, lots of enthusiastic staff and some other sledding beginners (like us).

It was a great outing - quite different from what we had expected as it was really hands-on and after only a short training session we were put into pairs and given teams of five dogs and sleds to drive! Mark and h were one pair and h got to do loads of the driving and checking on the dogs. It was a gorgeous day - too warm for the dogs really but nice for us. Definitely one to remember - slideshow photos below and more wintry shots to come soon.

Dog sledding


Rachel Fenton said...

If you think that's too hot for huskies, you should see the poor one that gets taken for power walks here!

Glad you're having a wonderful time!

Titus said...

Wow! That has to be the coolest thing ever.

Totalfeckineejit said...

I'd love to do that!

The Bug said...

What great fun! I'm so glad H got to enjoy this...

Ooh I would feel like Kate Shugak on her way to Niniltna (sp?).... (Dana Stabenow mysteries set in Alaska).

Anonymous said...

My sister lives in Alaska and used to breed huskies. They are amazing dogs - so intelligent. I have been out on a run with them and it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I felt so safe with them. Glad you're having so much fun!