Who are we

We are a family of 3 who took a break from our routine. Usually we live in Scotland but February to the end of July 2011 we were on the road in North America for 6 months. We are Mark (also known as Dad), Rachel (also known as Mum... and a whole bunch of other names... my usual at-home blog is here) and little h (10/11 years of age during the trip).

Sunday, 6 February 2011


So, yes, here we are in Canada. We arrived in Toronto on Thursday and since then we have been trying to get used to the time difference, trying to sleep, trying to wake up and generally just being confused and a little delirious. We are staying with relatives just outside the city for now and so we have been meeting up with various family members over the past few days. We've had dinner with the oldest uncle and got to know the newest cousin (only 3 months of age). h has been enjoying being the big grown-up one for a change - I can't quite believe that the big hand on this picture belongs to our little girl!

We are nearly human today so we should manage some other photos soon. Are we getting old or is it always this hard to adjust..?



Niamh B said...

you could make a human clock with those hands - have the big hand pointing at the ... never mind. Actually maybe that's why the big hand goes slower too, because of age. Nah, too deep of a sunday evening.
Glad ye got there ok, looking forward to adventures... (vicarious ones, far too tired to be having any of my own!)

Titus said...

Hooray! You've arrived!
Fantastic picture, so resonant of family and new links.

And the bad news? It's age.

The Bug said...

I remember feeling like I was on drugs the first few days in Zambia - it was such a bizarre feeling!

Can't wait to hear more of the saga.

Danish dog said...

It's age, Rachel. So don't worry. It's natural. Things take longer, but time goes faster. This is why adults tell kids that youth is the best time of life. It's not propaganda; they actually mean it.

Marion McCready said...

You're there!! are you sure you're not making all of this up and you're really just sitting up there in Angus? ;)
my mother was born in Toronto, I'd love to visit there sometime.

Rachel Fox said...

We're definitely not in Angus any more!

Rachel Fenton said...

Weehee! Looking forward to piccies!

John said...

*so* Exciting!! :)

Envy and Respect, equal measures


Ken Armstrong said...

The above comment was me.

Sorry 'bout the 'John'. :)

Rachel Fox said...

Hi Ken.
Did you forget who you were!